On my must haves for simple country Christmas decor

So, I’ve become a minimalist. In the last post, I talked about how particular I am about my space. This new way of living was probably adapted in my later 20s. I was a bit more stressful about it then, especially when my children were babies, but now that they aren’t any more, and especially after surviving baby and toddler years, I’ve relaxed a bit more about it. Still, I exercise minimal spending, unless I have to, and if so, it’s for something that’s on sale or cost significantly cheaper than other things.

For Christmas, I’m eager to get my place into the Christmas spirit. And since I’m adapting to country life more than my recent city life, I’m adjusting my home to this lifestyle as well. A few things I saw that I absolutely love and must have are:

Red plaid pillows. My living room is black and gray. So, a few red accent pillows will add a little splash of color in here. It’ll immediately make it festive!

Red floral accents: I love flowers; especially fresh ones. My Griffin buys them often. I also love to buy small floral accents for my home, because it makes me feel like I’m among the beautiful outdoor creation. For Christmas, small red floral accents on my gray shelf, dining table or kitchen bar will certainly make for a cheerful atmosphere.

A tiny tree: I love when people decorate with huge trees; especially those who have the space for it. Me? I prefer a tiny simple tree, with white lights and, yes, standing on a crate! If you ever visit my home, you’ll notice I love natural wood! I’ve completely fallen in love with it. All wooden accents are welcome here.

These are a few of my must haves! I’ll post some pics soon of my living space so you can see how it turned out! #excited

-Ms. Kennisha


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