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Up At Butternut Lake (2014)

by Mary McNear(Favorite Author)
3.55 of 5 Votes: 5
0062283146 (ISBN13: 9780062283146)
William Morrow Paperbacks
The Butternut Lake Trilogy
review 1: Up at Butternut Lake is by Mary McNear. This is a really good book and reads fast once you get started. It is an easy one to come back to if you must take a break. I really liked the book. It is book 1 of the Butternut Lake trilogy. Allie Beckett has returned to the cabin owned by her family near Butternut Lake. With her is her 5 year old son, Wyatt. She has no idea what she will find in the cabin or if it is livable. None of the family has been her for years. Allie has come to the place where her summers were spent in happiness and sunshine to deal with the death in Afghanistan of her husband, Gregg. He died two years before but living in their house and the town they lived in wasn’t helping Allie or Wyatt with their grief. Maybe a complete change of residenc... moree at a place with no memories of Gregg, since he had never been here, will help. If not, she may have made the biggest mistake of her life. The townspeople remember Allie and take her into their hearts. Caroline, who runs the coffee shop in town, welcomes them with fresh blueberry pancakes and a milkshake for Wyatt. She and Allie become friends immediately and Caroline is available whenever Allie needs her. Jax is Allie’s best friend from her previous times here. Now Jax is happily married to Jeremy and has three lovely daughters, Joy, Josie, and Jade, and another baby on the way. Jax welcomes Allie with open arms and her daughter Jade latches on the Wyatt. However, Jax has a secret she has been hiding from her husband. Will the secret remain buried? If not, what will happen? Walker Ford is the owner of the boatyard in Butternut Lake. Rather, he and his brother are owners. Walker has been here bringing the boatyard back into the black. He has done a wonderful job and his brother thinks it is time for him to turn it over to the manager and come back home to figure out which boatyard they are working on next. Walker has built a house on the lake and is happy where he is. He is not sure whether or not he wants to leave. Then he meets Allie and knows he doesn’t want to leave. However, can he break through the wall Allie has built in her grief for Gregg?
review 2: The Butternut Lake Trilogy #1 Allie is a war widow. It's been two years and she needs a change. So she and her son Wyatt move to her family's cabin at Butternut Lake, Minnesota. She notices a house across the lake that is new to her. It's owned by Walker Ford. He also owns the boatyard. She meets him at Pearl's - the town diner. He is intrigued by her right away. He notices how caring she is to Wyatt. Allie is warmly welcomed back to the town by her old friends. After a couple of months, Allie and Walker start dating. A couple of old friends come to town and stir things up.I enjoyed this book! I like how Allie worried more about Wyatt's happiness than hers. less
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Really just a romance novel, but it is set in Northern MN.
I enjoyed this book, but I think the sequel was better.
Light readable Minnesota romance.
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