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The Wizard Of The Nile: The Hunt For Africa's Most Wanted (2008)

by Matthew Green(Favorite Author)
3.56 of 5 Votes: 2
156656736X (ISBN13: 9781566567367)
Olive Branch Press
review 1: A riveting book by Matthew Green in his search to meet the northern Ugandan rebel leader Joseph Kony back in 2006 to ask him some big questions. The historical content, interviews (with ex-abductees), travelogue and dangerous situations make this a compelling read. You really do feel that you are on the journey with the author sharing the frustrations at finding this wizard or as Kony puts it 'human-being'.
review 2: It's a good review of the LRA in Northern Uganda and it does go a bit deeper than some of the analysis of Kony as a mad man. BUT it's a little dull, the central quest of the book is one journalists quest to meet Kony and I don't care about the journalist enough by the end to see if he succeeds or not. The real story of the book is the Acholi livi
... moreng in Northern Uganda and the book would have been better based around that. less
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Really enjoyed this balanced view of Kony-- amidst the politics of Sudan and Uganda
A Must Read When It comes to the conflict in Northern Uganda
a must read!
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