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Life In Half A Second: How To Achieve Success Before It's Too Late (2013)

by Matthew Michalewicz(Favorite Author)
3.94 of 5 Votes: 5
0992286107 (ISBN13: 9780992286101)
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review 1: I really enjoyed “Life In Half A Second” by Matthew Michalewicz. Maybe it is because we both think a lot a like, have both learned and been influenced by Arnold Schwarzenegger, or just because the book is full of a lot of practical solid advice, but I feel it is a both a motivational read and a practical how to achieve success formula. And it's not because Michalewicz shared a miraculous new discovery to help people achieve fortunes. In fact, he admits that every success book you read, every motivational speaker you hear, will present a variation of what's in “Life in Half a Second.” It's because Matthew Michalewicz presents the information well, and in a way that anyone reading this book can apply it to their own life and situation and live their life more fully.A... morefter reminding us that we really don't have much time here on earth to do the things we dream of, Michalewicz shares his five doors to success: Clarity, Desire, Belief, Knowledge, and Action. Within these five doors he shares how to figure out what you want, instil the burning desire to see you to the finish line, believe in yourself even when no one else does, gain the knowledge needed to succeed, set goals and overcome the fear that keeps you from acting on them. It's simple, but not easy.I enjoyed the personal examples, as well as those of others who have succeeded in various areas. I especially liked the times when Arnold Schwarzenegger was mentioned, because he is one of the most goal focused individuals I know of, and this clarity, desire, belief in himself, knowledge and action enabled him to reach many lofty goals that others said he would never achieve. Regardless if you like or dislike his movies, agree with his politics or personal choices in some matters, he's an excellent example of how success principles can help one attain remarkable success in various professions. The book is a quick read, but a powerful one if you take it to heart and act on the lessons provided. There is that fifth door again, action. It really is a key to success. Pass through all five of these doors and success in your career, business and personal life is not only attainable, but almost guaranteed. And as Michalewicz points out, we don't have much time, so do it now, before it's too late.
review 2: The opening and closing chapters are a superbly argued case for urgently seeking the good life.The middle five chapters are HOW to seek the good life. "So what," you say. "I've already heard all about goals, desire, belief, knowledge, action." If you've heard about them but aren't doing them, you haven't really heard about them.This book gives you ears to hear about them, because it provides logical structures by which to grasp these realities in each chapter. The logical structure of each chapter takes some contemplation and careful comprehension. As other reviewers have pointed out, it is simple but not easy; it does take some diligent work to grasp the basic laws of success. Luckily, Matthew Michaelewicz has done much of the work for readers in this delightful short evidence-based book; the puzzle of life is clarified here. less
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Simple and clear.Do it and find out what you will be and will become.Good luck !
Seems I'm going to take steps to redirect my life.
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