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Red Love: The Story Of An East German Family (2014)

by Maxim Leo(Favorite Author)
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1908968516 (ISBN13: 9781908968517)
Pushkin Press
review 1: I dont know about you, but I always feel like history happens to other people, in other places. And Red Love makes the case that one german family experienced more than its fair share of the 20th century: over three generations, the Leos lived under democracy, fascism, socialism, and democracy again. In telling his grandparents', parents', and his own stories, Maxim Leo investigates how their different backgrounds and temperaments - as well as simple serendipity - shaped their experience of these ideologies. His clear, casual, immediate writing brings you in so close that you realize that you are like these people and are indeed embedded in a "history" that feels a lot like (as it also did to them) just life. This thrilling and thought-provoking book is the best non-fic... moretion I've read all year.
review 2: Fascinating topic. It would have been nice if the English translation had had a few extras like acronym guides, timelines, maybe a family tree. I was a bit unclear as to which side was which in certain parts. Leo wrote this book in German and I'm sure his original audience was intimately familiar with the characters and event, but someone more removed (i.e. me, an American in her early 30s) could have used a quick refresher/primer. less
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A compelling family account written in plain, journalistic style. It does what it says on the tin.
Another good East-West German read. Shows both side of the fence (wall) and well written.
Excellently written. A must-read for anyone with an interest in the DDR.
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