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Stand-In Mom (2011)

by Megan Kelly(Favorite Author)
3.91 of 5 Votes: 5
0373753756 (ISBN13: 9780373753758)
review 1: I love this cover. If I could rate this cover strictly on the cover I would give it 5 stars. Sadly, I’m not so here’s my accurate review. Scott Matthews’ wife Samantha had cancer that was so far progressed when they found it there wasn’t really any hope. She decided against any kind of treatment and one day Scott and their two daughters Shelby, 7 and Serena, 4 came home and found her dead by painkillers overdose. Scott fights with his resentment towards Samantha for leaving them. Ginger Winchester was recently left by her husband because they learned she can’t have children and he wasn’t open to adoption. Since then she’s been repairing her self-esteem by finding men for the night. It’s at her friend’s work Christmas party that she and Scott meet, but it ... morewas her fiery red hair that caught his attention. Shortly after spending the night together, they discover she’s Shelby’s teacher!This doesn’t deter Scott much. She made a big impression on him and he hasn’t gotten her out of his mind. However, the fact that Shelby is acting out and showing her displeasure with him attempting a relationship with her teacher does hinder him. Just as he’s getting her to spend somewhat more time with him, they’re mistaken by a stranger who assumes they are a family. Not only is Shelby quick to point out Ginger isn’t her mother, but Serena announces it’s because she looks like their mom Samantha. Shell shocked, Ginger barely lets Scott cover the basis for an explanation before demanding a few days alone to think. When they meet later, he apologizes. Just as they forgive each other, Ginger tells him about her efforts to adopt. She’s been meeting with a few expectant mothers and is just waiting for the right match. Her dreams of being with Scott is crushed when he reveals he’s not open to an adoption because Shelby isn’t his biological daughter and after the battle he and Samantha went through, he’s not willing to risk going through that again. They reach a stalemate and they go separate ways. Long story short, it ends up being Shelby who brings these two back together. Scott comes home to hear from the babysitter that Shelby was swearing and in a horrific mood. Going up to talk to her, he finds her missing, left only with a note. Not long after finding her gone, Ginger calls with the news Shelby showed up at her door. Wanting a chance alone with her, Scott gives Ginger 30 minutes to find out the problem. While researching her family roots, for Ginger’s class project, Shelby called her maternal grandmother. Accidentally believing she’d been told, she tells Shelby she’s adopted. Opening up about her own wish to adopt, Ginger is able to see Scott as her father again just as he rings the bell. After a discussion, Scott kisses her goodbye and takes his girls home. There he stews about holding back the family all four of them could be together if only he would take the chance and adopt a child with her. Arriving at her door, he proposes to her and embraces her news that her adoption finally when through. Now they can be complete.
review 2: Wow, what an excellent book!! I received this book after winning it from a giveaway. It took me a few weeks to get around to reading it because I was in the middle of reading a different series and wanted to finish it first. I was astonished at how this book grabbed my attention and kept it from beginning to end. This book had an excellent story line that in my opinion, did not follow the every day love and romance novel story line that most books seem to follow. Excellent book!! Thanks for giving me the opportunity to read it. less
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It's was okay read, no giant conflict. So I was not as impressed by this novel.
Heartwarming and sweet. Perfect reading for a quiet afternoon!
Miniseries: Creature Comforts
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