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How Eskimos Keep Their Babies Warm: And Other Adventures In Parenting (from Argentina To Tanzania And Everywhere In Between) (2012)

by Mei-Ling Hopgood(Favorite Author)
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156512958X (ISBN13: 9781565129580)
Algonquin Books
review 1: A fascinatingly unorthodox parenting book highlighting parenting differences in various cultures. How Buenos Aires Children Go to Bed LateHow French Teach Their Children to Love Healthy FoodHow Kenyans Live without StrollersHow the Chinese Potty Train EarlyHow Aka Pygmies Are the Best FathersHow Lebanese Americans Keep Their Families CloseHow Tibetans Cherish PregnancyHow the Japanese Let Their Children FightHow Polynesians Play without ParentsHow Mayan Villagers Put Their Kids to WorkHow Asians Learn to Excel in SchoolThe author takes time in each chapter to describe the parenting differences, giving real life examples and then exploring the cultural and historical reasoning. I would have liked to have had more emphasis on the discussion of the socioeconomic reasons for w... morehy things are done differently, but this open-ended approach left me to my own thoughts on those issues. This approach also helped me think through my current parenting methods and ideals examining whether they are really the best for my children. Overall the book was a great reminder that there is more than one way to raise children, most of which are valid, and we as parents should avoid passing judgment on others just for doing things differently.
review 2: Her running theme, that there are myriad ways to raise children and all 1) are fine and 2) deeply rooted in the culture, was interesting. But I felt like her own attempt to apply these ways to her own child felt simplistic and belied her very point. If raising a child within one cultural view has benefits, what does her sampler platter of parenting techniques do? I also thought this could have benefited from a final chapter on a particularly American technique. Surely we aren't all bad? (For a shorter, more entertaining look at the same thesis, I'd recommend watching the documentary Babies.) less
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It was interesting to hear about patenting for the perspective of different cultures.
Very fun an interesting read on the various methods of parenting around the world
Too anecdotal. Couldn't finish.
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