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Stopping Time And Old Habits (2000)

by Melissa Marr(Favorite Author)
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review 1: Oh this was GOOD. Irial/Nial/Leslie are one of my favorite polyamorous trios in fiction and both of these short stories give you glimpses of their lives inbetween books. They also let you know that Irial and Nial have been having contact with Leslie, regardless of their protests to the contrary. It's not a lot of contact, but it's enough to whet the whistle for more. These stories are moments in time and as that they are superb. However, they are just that and so without knowledge of the Wicked Lovely series/world, they don't really work. Also, they were released only as e-books, which is unfortunate for those people who do not have e-readers. I had to wait until I got a Nook for Hanukkah to read these. Ultimately though, I felt it well worth the wait.What can I say? This ... moretrio never fails to entertain and engage the reader. Like a nice chocolate nugget between books. If you can get your hands on them, do so and enjoy the read. Well worth it!Lack of 5 stars due to lack of print availabilty. Sorry, but that is a sticking point for me. Marr is a writer who can get what she wants out in print and these were never even anthologized.
review 2: Can i just say that Irial is among my fave characters in WL series (besides Devlin and Keenan)? There's really not much in here though, just answers on unaswered questions in Ink Exchange. mostly Stopping Time revolved on Leslie-Iri-Niall love triangle (dunno if it is fit to call them that since they all love each other). Then Marr delved on Iri-Niall's complicated relationship in Old Habits.what i love about Irial: he knows what he wants (and he goes after it), he knows what he is (and isn't afraid to show it), and he loves unconditionally :) be it to Leslie or Niall, it is apparent that his love knows no bounds. and i love that the most about him!the only problem i have is Marr's continuous insinuations on what kind of relationship Iri and Niall have. so they love each other sexually, romantically. so what? faeries are known to not have any sexual preference right (just like vamps in Sookie Stackhouse series)? it's not wrong. it just is. i'm so frustrated with Marr, i wanted to shout, "just say it! just tell me they love each that way!" gosh, if she's worried YA audience will get the wrong idea about it, well, let them! it is still the reader who will be the judge of that. it's pretty disappointing, because the fact that she keeps on implying Iri and Niall are more than friends yet doesn't say it aloud makes their relationship look like somehow... wrong. and i don't think it's wrong at all.oh well. bits of the story in Old Habits intrigued me. Irial consorting with an unlikely regent. Niall's relationship with a specific summer girl. :) Ha. these made reading this book worthwhile. less
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Oh, this was a great introduction to Devlin, and The High Court, and yeah, loved it!
Specifically, I liked "Stopping Time" and was ambivalent toward "Old Habits."
One of my all time favorite faerie books!!!! I love Melissa Marr!!!
loved it.............
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