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Pinch And Dash And The Terrible Couch (2013)

by Michael J. Daley(Favorite Author)
3.45 of 5 Votes: 5
1580893791 (ISBN13: 9781580893794)
review 1: Although they are good friends, Pinch and Dash are very different. When Pinch's Aunt Hasty has a large red couch delivered to him, he is quite unhappy since it doesn't fit or match his decor. Dash arrives and tries to rearrange the furniture to make it fit, but still Pinch is unhappy because the couch overwhelms the room. After a lemonade break, Pinch finds the solution to his problems right next door. I liked how the friends don't see eye to eye and how they accept each other while seeming comfortable with their own choices and personality. The movers Push and Shove made me laugh with their snarky attitudes, and the pen and ink and watercolor illustrations are quite appealing as well. This would make a great read aloud or an adaptation for a reader's the... moreater.
review 2: I did like this book. I like how the characters are named after their behaviors. The illustrations are great, kids will love it. I read this with my nephew, who is 7 years old, and he rated it (from his own goodreads account) at 5 stars. He does NOT give away five-stars easily! (or randomly, as I have taught him the thought process of what the stars mean, and to be gracious because the author may see your rating). I'm thinking anyone older than 7, maybe 8, would be bored with this book, but anyone 7/8 and under with a sense of humor, will like, or even love this book. The reason I'm giving it 3 stars, (which, try to remember, is a good rating, it means I liked it!) is because I had a hard time REALLY liking or loving it, because the boys were insensitive by not thinking about how the aunt would feel when they *spoiler alert*..........got rid of the couch. It was a rude thing to do. And I wish the author would have addressed that. Although, it was rude for the aunty to just send it there with no notice, they should have called her and told her no, rather than getting rid of it. I am grateful that I was able to win this giveaway, I'm sure we will read this book again! (I'll just explain to my nephew that if he ever throws my stuff away he'll live to regret it! :) less
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This story reminds me of Frog and Toad. Interesting story for emerging readers.
Annabella didn't like this one as well as when they make soup
Reminds me of Frog and Toad stories.
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