5 Recommendations in: Contemporary

The first in a new series where I recommend five books from one genre. Today’s is Contemporary!

5 to 1 is one of the most interesting books I’ve ever read. It could technically be dystopian too, but long story short, it’s set several hundred years in the future in what was once India. The male to female ratio is, you guessed it, five to one, and thus, young men are drafted and have to compete to win the hand of a woman. The book follows a contestant and the girl he’s competing for. His perspective is in verse and hers is in prose. A great, emotional book that may be short, but packs a punch.

This contemporary starts off as an average contemp – girl moves to be with family member, starts at a new school, blah blah blah. But the great twist is all of the political intrigue that comes as a result. Tess’ sister is a Fixer, someone who makes politicians’ problems go away for a price. Tess inadvertently becomes a Fixer at her school and is trying to discover the secrets her sister is hiding. The web of complex relationships that come about as a result are intricate and gripping, making this book un-put-down-able.

Okay, here’s a recommendation in the vein of what you were probably expecting. Kasie west is one of the BEST contemporary authors. If you want light, cute, fluffy and something you can fly through, Kasie’s your girl. This is one of my favorites, following a romance that crosses the tracks, so to speak.

Ally Carter, author of the Gallagher Girls and Heist Society series, takes contemporary to a whole new level with All Fall Down. Grace moves to live with her ambassador grandfather and lives on Embassy Row, a street full of ambassadors from different countries. While the adults run the country, there’s romance, secrets and even deaths circling the kids/teenagers. Great ensemble cast and has a similar vibe to The Fixer. (Trigger warning for mental breakdown)

One of the most emotional, heart wrenching books I’ve ever read. This story follows four students over the course of 54 minutes during a school shooting. Tears will be shed reading this one. (Trigger warnings for gun violence, physical abuse, and language)

I hope you check some of these out and that you love them as much as I did. Photos are linked to the Goodreads pages, for your convenience.

xoxo y’all,

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