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I Slept With Joey Ramone (2009)

by Mickey Leigh(Favorite Author)
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0743252160 (ISBN13: 9780743252164)
Touchstone Books
review 1: Now that was one crazy story. Thank you so much Mickey for letting us into your life. Well done.I recently read Johnny Ramones biography. I can easily see how all that stuff fits together perfectly - Johnny even admits his own stupidity and dangerous behavior. The big problem is Joey seemed to have no self reflection. Just crazy and selfish. The perfect Rockstar Punk. I'm glad he wasn't MY brother.I'm always amazed when people do endless drugs, alcohol, and debauchery but then later cry like a baby when it catches up with them. Of course it destroys their life and health (and every true friendship they may have had along the way.) Hopefully we can all learn from these Solomon like celebrities who laugh in the face of God. This is a book of how NOT to live your life. Althou... moregh I was cheering Mickey on. But he had some issues as well. But at least he seems to be honest about them.Now i think I'll go throw all my Ramones c.d.'s in the garbage. I used to think they were just joking about being that totally stupid and PUNK - but they really were that Pathetic. Good thing The Offspring is still around.
review 2: Mickey Leigh is the younger brother of Jeff Hyman (who you know better as Joey Ramone). This great biography by Leigh and Legs McNeil is a terrific book, following the turbulent and loving relationship between the two brothers, from childhood to Joey's death in 2001 from lymphoma.I thought I knew most of the story, but nothing really prepared me for all of the details contained in this book. It's a great read, from an insider view of the jealousies and competitiveness between the band members (Johnny comes across as a supreme asshole) to the strangeness of Joey's OCD behavior and inability to share credit for the many team efforts in songwriting he participated in.Perhaps what makes it a book that goes above and beyond the "family memoir" is the keen eye and pen of Legs McNeil as a co-author. McNeil penned probably one of the best books I have ever read about punk music, "Please Kill Me: The Uncensored Oral History of Punk Rock."I Slept With Joey Ramone is a great companion piece to that book.Four stars. less
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A very well written book with some cool insights into the life of Joey Ramone!
Uhhh, this book was pretty good and Johnny Ramone was a total B-Hole.
everyone is really unlikeable in this book especially Johnny Ramone
The best bio of the Ramones from Joey's brother.
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