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Veljeni Joey Ramone (2009)

by Mickey Leigh(Favorite Author)
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review 1: I found this an interesting insight into a man, who's music and image I love, the reality of what he was really like, did not live up to my imagined image of him,,,,, eg, he wasn't always sweetness and light, but a troubled soul and he could be a bit of a pain in the arse. This book is a real must for die hard Ramones fans. I'd say the only thing that some people might consider a down side, would be reading about Mickey Leighs musical career, but then again, that could be a bonus, if you are a fan of the Rattlers etc ,,, but Mickey Leigh (Joeys brother) did a fantastic job writing this book. Nice one .
review 2: Along with Johnny Ramones autobiograohy, the Joey Ramone memoir writtne by Mickey Leigh (Joey's brother) and Legs McNeil (of Please Kill Ne and Punk m
... moreagazine) is essential to trying to understand the Ramones. These 4 guys managed to start a rock & roll revolution that is still reverberating 35 years later. This book is acually more about Mickey & Joey than it is about Joey and Johnny or Dee Dee. The book is hard to put down - in many ways Joey's sucess with the Ramones is shown as a counter to Mickey's lack of success in the same field. Each time Mickey's bands are on the verge of some sucess - it comes craahing down. We all know how the story will tutn out, but it's hard to take. I often wonder why Mickey didn't become a lawyer or an engineer and not have to compared to and always known as Joey's brother.Mickey's relations with Johhny Ramone aren't much better and its painful to see how Joey failed to stand up for his brother when Mickey tried to get credit (and payment) for his contributions to the Ramones.In the end Mickey and Joey were brothers and they reconciled their differences (as Joey & Johnny never did). Mickey has worked tirelessly to keep his brother's legacy alive with the excellent solo album that was released earlier this year.In the end I gave both the Joey & Johnny books only 4 stars. Is there anything wrong with the books - no, I loved them both. Maybe, I just did not want to know all the details about the petty bickering, inability to hold conversations and other skeletons in the Ramones closet. I guess that I wanted to be lile Riff Randall in Rock & Roll High School - believing that the Ramones are 4 brothers who get along and are the greatest band in the world.Gabba Gabb Hey!RIP Joey! less
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I read this one a long time ago, I remembered it being very informative and well done.
This book was really awesome until it started getting whiny.
Amazing insight to one of the most legendary musicians ever.
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