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Magnifico: The Brilliant Life And Violent Times Of Lorenzo De' Medici (2008)

by Miles J. Unger(Favorite Author)
3.9 of 5 Votes: 2
0743254341 (ISBN13: 9780743254342)
Simon & Schuster
review 1: I really enjoyed this book which is so clearly written, and provides well researched and well grounded arguments. The book aims to understand the main character's development as a stateman, and to explain his position in terms of the political environment. His philosophy and approach to life is explored as well. I particularly enjoyed the first part of the book - which develop the background to the main character. This is followed by the central conflict with the Pope. The final chapters of the the book are also very engaging. The book is well researched. I noticed a few typos which the copy editors missed.
review 2: A thoroughly well-rounded biography of Lorenzo the Magnificent. How he developed from wild youth, viewed with suspicion by other Florentine
... mores, to the Statesman of Italy, whose death raised fears that Italy would now be plunged back into war. Sure enough, with Lorenzo's hand removed from the tiller, it was.I am very impressed by the way Unger's view ranges from broad to personal and back again, showing how Italian personalities and social trends affected each other and the rest of Europe. The reason I only gave it three stars was that the book didn't capture and hold me. Several evenings I skipped reading entirely to focus on other projects. I do feel my understanding has been broadened. less
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awesome bio of Lorenzo de' Medici. Informative, colorful, intriguing. Fantastic!
Gives insight to the patron of several of the greatest artists in history.
Sorry, Lorenzo is fascinating, but this book is not.
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