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Rua (2012)

by Miranda Kavi(Favorite Author)
3.76 of 5 Votes: 4
1479122629 (ISBN13: 9781479122622)
review 1: Free download. This was really different from any other paranormal books I've read and I really enjoyed it. Celeste is a normal girl going through normal teenage stuff. Her most irritating problem is having to start a new school whenever her family moves for her dads work, that is until her nightmares begin and strange things start to happen. Worse though is the school bitch taking a dislike to Celeste, best is meeting her first real friend 'Tink', then there's Rylan. The gorgeous boy who seems to watch her every move. When she turns 17 things start to happen forcing Rylan to confirm who he is but also affirming his feelings for her, which are totally returned. I really enjoyed this book, the story and plot were great, the characters are amazing and the world the author cr... moreeated is completely original. There are some sweet romantic moments for Celeste and Rylan, but Tink is the humour in the story. I would recommend to paranormal lovers.
review 2: I've previously enjoyed books by Miranda Kavi... she creates a story so riveting that you can picture it as it happens. The only fault I saw was a few minor editing issues, hence only four of five stars.Celeste is in a new school again. She's almost lost track of how many high schools she's attended. Definitely not looking forward to starting over, she's lucky that she makes a friend so fast - and even luckier that there's more to him than he even knows. As her 17th birthday approaches, her nightmares are getting worse, she's seeing and hearing things, and blackbirds are swarming her. With the help of her new friends, she might make it out alive. less
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Some classic and well-played themes blend nicely together in this coming-of-age tale.
ABSOLUTLY wonderful love it
Kindle freebie, 1/30/13
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