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I'm Down (2009)

by Mishna Wolff(Favorite Author)
3.65 of 5 Votes: 4
0312378556 (ISBN13: 9780312378554)
St. Martin's Press
review 1: Following my recent nonfiction memoir trend, I was recommended to read this book. I found this book to be not quite as funny as the glass Castle, but it definitely had its moments. The parents in this book are only slightly more likable than the parents in the glass Castle, they do seem to care little bit more than that book. The dad is just nuts, thinking he is black and down with it. This book really showed the cost of pretending to be something you are not.
review 2: Enjoyable memoir about growing up with a father who believes he's black and tries to make his daughter fit in. I hated her father for most of the book and that colored some of the scenes for me. He wasn't a good parent at all which just made me feel for this little girl who still loves her fath
... moreer. Easy writing, she does a decent job of making you feel like you are there. There are many funny moments. It Made me reflect on my own growing situation. less
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Hysterical, laughed out loud at so many parts of this book. Such a truly American childhood.
Hands "down" one of the funniest and most heartfelt books I have ever read.
Im down with it.
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