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The Falcon And The Sparrow (2008)

by M.L. Tyndall(Favorite Author)
3.94 of 5 Votes: 2
1602600120 (ISBN13: 9781602600126)
Barbour Books
review 1: Wow. This book is one of the strangest, oddly written books I've read. Weirdness #1:The Plot:Why wouldn't Dominique tell the admiral about the blackmail/spying if she truly didn't want to help the French? Surely he could've helped her and that would've helped us do without the hundreds of pages talking about it. How could an admiral of he navy suspect a servant as spy who never have him a moment's trouble but NEVER for a moment consider the woman who wandered around his house at night? The plot just seemed really implausible. Weirdness #2:The Main Characters:Dominique's character vacillated from really stupid to really timid to unrealistically confident. It was almost like reading about someone with multiple personalities. Very bizarre. Chase was an alcoholic who dreamed a... morebout his dead wife, was super mean to his son, and was too dumb to catch the spy right under his nose. Why would any woman want him, again? And he also seemed to suffer from multiple personality disorder. Weirdness #3:Really? A dark angel follows Dominique around? So cheesy. Also, what pastor would say that spying on your home country and lying about it is part of God's will? Also, why did he just think it was no big deal? And even more: why didn't he try to help her? Just weird.
review 2: The Falcon and the Sparrow kept me nose deep in pages, that's for sure! MaryLu Tyndall never disappoints me, and she is one of the best writers in Christian fiction. I have read this book twice now and will gladly do it again thirty more times! Domonique was such a sweet, and endearing character that I greatly admired. The Admiral was the hero every girl likes, but he also had a past that haunted him, which made him even more intriguing. There were parts in this book where I held my breath, laughed, and stayed up late into the night reading. I was literally there while I was reading it, and that is the best gift any author can give a reader. less
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Love this book!! Really enjoyed ALL books by ML Tyndall
Great spy and Christian romance novel
Is a great book to read
loved it! i want more!
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