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Winter's Destiny (2012)

by Nancy Allan(Favorite Author)
3.69 of 5 Votes: 1
146998749X (ISBN13: 9781469987491)
review 1: Why is it that the main female character has to be described as the most beautiful person the man has ever seen, and there are numerous other passages describing her beauty? Why can't she just be an average beauty--? The Oregon coast is a wonderful setting for this book. The main character finds out that she has a twin--when her mirror self is plastered against the window in a storm. Her husband ditches her, but wait, Sheriff Dallas is waiting in the wings. There is a lot of nice action in this one--
review 2: This wasn't a polished story at all and much of it was unrealistic. Killers that kill everyone without batting an eye but continually over and over "warn" the main characters but don't kill THEM makes no sense. So many other things simply weren't rea
... morelistic. The author has a writing style that with some more experience could be really good but I found this book somewhat amateurish and unpolished. And everything the main character did or thought was followed with an exclamation point!! Everything!!!! It was crazy!!! Yeah. It gets to you. Then they has to add in a romance that was so in appropriate and odd that it was just kind of forced in there. Yeah. A woman has no idea where her kid is - but hey, let's start dating! The story idea was good though and I think there is great potential here... Just wasn't crazy about this one. less
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This book had me at the edge of my seat. It is a must read if you like thrillers!
intense, some predictability, but the story flowed well and kept you in suspense.
Slow start then picked up speed but ending was a bit of a letdown
I read this book in a day . I loved it .
very good book
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