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Turnagain Love (2000)

by Nancy Radke(Favorite Author)
3.59 of 5 Votes: 3
1573430293 (ISBN13: 9781573430296)
Lionhearted Pub Inc
Sisters of Spirit
review 1: Gave it a try, but this one was frustrating. Jennel seemed naive and clueless. I wanted to scream "buy a clue! Just tell him you are staying on the island. You are an adult, act like it." Not to mention both leads should have smelled a setup a mile away. How many clues can you ignore? I also had a hard time believing they were falling in love. At 57% in, they still had yet to have any real deep discussions, hugs, and have not kissed. It is squeaky clean, has a few great paragraphs but not much romance. It is contemporary but some of the phrases sounded like ones from a Victorian novel. I giggled when the h said fellow and some other words. Not my cuppa but I would think others will enjoy it.
review 2: Jennel has a contract to redecorate an older house
... more that turns out to be a hovel on Turnagain Island. Isolated, without electricity, phone or any people nearby, she panics. Young and impulsive and wanting the work so badly, she takes the word of her employer that the house is livable. Now she’s stranded. Zachery Waylan, the man who will be putting up their power and telephone cables, comes to her rescue and is puzzled why she didn’t just turn on the generator or take the stored canoe for her supplies? She wonders the same thing - why she hadn't even thought of checking! How in the world is she going to survive and get her job done in theses extreme conditions? But how can she not when she has no place else to go? An intriguing story that kept me hooked until the end. Well-written, this sweet romance flows beautifully. The setting, the antics of the two main characters and their growing attraction will get you hooked. less
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Kindle edition available but not listed on Goodreads.
I liked the story, but it dragged on to long.
Kindle free download 11/13/12.
Is a great book to read
Amazon freebie 3/13/13
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