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Ogni Giorno, Ogni Ora (2011)

by Natasa Dragnic(Favorite Author)
3.25 of 5 Votes: 5
8807018578 (ISBN13: 9788807018572)
review 1: Eine schöne und nette Geschichte über zwei Kinder (Luca und Dora) die eine wundervolle Kindheit miteinander verbindet. Allerdings zieht Dora mit ihren Eltern nach Frankreich und die beiden verlieren sich aus den Augen. Sie treffen als junge Erwachsene aufeinander wieder und die beiden finden in einander die Liebe des Lebens. Allerdings gibt es jedesmal einen Grund warum die beiden nicht zusammen bleiben können, so geht es ihr Leben lang. Es ist eine schöne erzählte Geschichte über die Liebe, die nicht zu einander findet. Auch wird die Geschichte sehr schön von Cathlen Gawlich gelesen.
review 2: Someone whose recommendations I implicitly trust suggested this book and maybe that's why I found it so disappointing..expectations too high? It's not truly awf
... moreul, not in the writing, which can be a bit overcooked, but was certainly atmospheric; nor in the characters, who I liked (well at least Dora) in spite of myself. No, it was the stupid ass plot that drove me bonkers. Two adults madly in love who can "hear" each others thoughts across miles but cannot somehow figure out a way to be together? They were mindless and weak people, particularly the male lead, Luka. The idiotic plot points that kept them separated were not monumental. No, not war or debilitating illness or financial ruin or prison. Nope...just an unplanned pregnancy. Like that never happens and as if there aren't perfectly reasonable ways to deal with that instead of ruining your life with a comp,eye,y unsuitable, unhappy and abysmal marriage. And maybe if the novel was set in the 1860's I could buy that marriage was the only acceptable course of action to remedy such a calamity, but it takes place in the 1980's and beyond! The late 20th century, when an unplanned pregnancy doesn't mean a woman is stoned to death by ignorant villagers. And the author has the temerity to use an unplanned pregnancy twice more to move the insipid plot along! So simplistic and lazy when you feel that the author is not untalented and could have done so much more with her two young lovers. less
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Todella kaunis. Raastava. Epäreilu. Lämmin.
Patetično sranje. Ne uzimajte je u ruke!
just couldn't get into this story
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