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Zdráhavá Julie (2013)

by Nicole Jordan(Favorite Author)
3.8 of 5 Votes: 2
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review 1: Lover Be Mine was a more liberated historical romance that may not appeal to traditional historical romance readers - particularly those that like clean romances. I, however enjoyed it. A Hero and Heroine from feuding families (though the feud seems to be purely one-sided), chance encounters, clandestine meetings, and true love? Count me in. Jack and Sophie were such likable characters, with different facets to them. They had such a great immediate connection - like when you meet someone and just click. I enjoyed how the romance didn't feel force, it came on slowly - the attraction was strong but the deeper feelings took longer to develop. Jack was such a great hero, despite his past he was a strong character. Sophie was equally wonderful, she was practical, loyal t... moreo fault, caring and honest. There was no subterfuge with her - she was upfront and honest from the get go, and that really appealed to me. It was great seeing both of their perspectives, which made me feel like I knew them both more than if we'd only been given one perspective. I only had a few issue's, the first was that in the beginning it seemed the author was telling more than showing. Telling us how kind Sophie was from Jack's point of view, I would've appreciated being shown more, especially as he hadn't known her for all that long when he started thinking that. Secondly I'm not sure some of the things Jack and Sophie did (in terms of social mores) would've been accepted by traditional regency readers, but I'm willing to bend the rules so it didn't bother me overly much. Lastly, I thought the reason for the feud was ridiculous, particularly Sophie's fathers unwillingness to bend even a little - but this was more a personal thing than anything on the authors side. Sophie and Jack were just a charming pair, and they brought out the best aspects in each other. It was an overall enjoyable, solid read. 4 stars.
review 2: I've been a long-time fan of Nicole Jordan's books and loved this one. Jack is charming and funny, but with demons from his childhood adding an edge to his character. Sophie is sweet and also funny, and devoted to her family. I enjoyed reading their story, and loved the secondaries, especially Jack's family, and Sophie's wonderful aunt who helps her out. I loved the comparison to Romeo and Juliet, but I'm very happy that Jack and Sophie didn't suffer the same end as Romeo and Juliet.I'm anxious to read Skye's story.My only problem with the book (and I realize this is beyond the author's control) is the price. The Kindle edition costs even more than the paperback, and I thought by getting it as an e-book, the customer could save money. It's hard to pay $7.99 when you're on a budget. less
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I really enjoyed this book. I really liked Jack and his story. Another great historical read.
It was a great sstory I cant wait to read the third !!!!!
i enjoyed it immensely
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