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Nimra Ahmed

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Jannat Kay Pattay (2000)
4.59 of 5 Votes: 3
review 1: Definitely one of my favourite books. Regardless of what people say about this book and all sort of controversies that are put forward I shall never be able to forget this book. It changed my perspective of so many things in life. To others this might seem yet another love story ...
Mushaf (2012)
4.5 of 5 Votes: 4
review 1: The plot of the story was not very unconventional as there were many times when you were made to think of the scenes of a typical Pakistani drama where girls are shamelessly beaten and abused by their families for the unjust inheritance of wealth. The end in that way was also typ...
Karakoram Ka Taj Mahal (2000)
4.07 of 5 Votes: 2
review 1: قراقرم کا تاج محل...مصنفہ:- نمرہ احمدمقدمہ:- محمد احسن.کچھ دیر پہلے جب مَیں نے "قراقرم کا تاج محل" ناول مکمل کیا تو اُسی وقت فیڈ بیک نہ دینے کا فیصلہ کر لیا تھا... شرمندگی ھی ایسی تھی. مگر پھر مجھے اپنے پیارے دوستم برادرم حسن علی کے الفاظ یاد آ گئے کہ کچھ نہ کچھ تو ضرور لکھو. اسی...
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