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Mushaf (2012)

by Nimra Ahmed(Favorite Author)
4.5 of 5 Votes: 4
Al-Quresh publishers
review 1: The plot of the story was not very unconventional as there were many times when you were made to think of the scenes of a typical Pakistani drama where girls are shamelessly beaten and abused by their families for the unjust inheritance of wealth. The end in that way was also typical where the old yet a proud mother is shown who is extremely happy at how her young son has grown up to be while the rest of the family reaps the sown seeds of abuse as each one of them faces the wrath of nature.However, what made an impression on me the most was how the author connected the life of Mehmal with Quran and it became her source of facing the hardest of hardships that she had to face. Quran became more like a guide for her to assist her on every single decision and a source of attai... morening patience and her peace with Almighty.On a more personal note, the book with its end has really pushed me to approach the Holy Quran from a different angle to achieve guidance and not just recite for the sake of it.
review 2: Ok.. so i was anticipating since long to read this book and now i have.. I loved the theme around which Nimra Ahmed plotted her story, but her plot is not that strong and grand as its theme is. I loved the parts where she explained how to read Qura'n and how to relate with it, i loved the way she explained importance of religion God and Mushaf but the only point on which i object is that she all done it through exaggeration. She did not weave a normal life scenario, there were so many loop holes in the personality of the protagonist Mehmil, and im mentioning those loop holes because they are hindering me to accept the spiritual journey of Mehmil. She never maintained her self respect, I didnt observe poetic justice in this novel as well. I felt Mehmil should be reagrded more. Allah tests us and when we pass that test then he never He never fails us in front of others. Humayun, Mehmil's husband has been misguided about Mehmil's character, other wise he has been depicted as a good man who protected her in her crucial time and who married her when she needed it, he did all this out of no evil intentions, where as Mehmil's sister Farishtay cared for her for own measures and make her fool through her hypocrisy where as Humayun didnt do any such thing he has been straight forward, Things between them could be resolved but Mehmil at this point did not seek Mushaf's help, Islam always emphaises to save relations rather destroy them and Mehmil had a child as well, she should have atleast talked to her husband and cleared all his misinterpretations, I felt Mehmil's accident and farishatys betrayal all so much exaggerated. Theme can be fulfilled without incorporation of these things in the plot. Mehmil loves Allah loves Mushaf loves Religion than how can she collapse for wolrdly things, how can she be sad everytime upon worldly matters! her marriage her husband betrayal, she did not presented happy as being muslim, her life is all so miserable, without happniness, i did not like this thing. less
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i m just speechlees.only thing i want to say that you must red this book.it refresh your emaan
This writer really amazes mehow can every book be sooo gooda must read
Amazing story and a great lesson.
a must read novel by evryone...
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