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The Next Always (2011)

by Nora Roberts(Favorite Author)
4.09 of 5 Votes: 1
1455806854 (ISBN13: 9781455806850)
Brilliance Audio
Inn BoonsBoro Trilogy
review 1: Nora Roberts outdid herself with the first book in the Boonsboro series. Getting to know Beckett, Owen, and Ryder as brothers and friends. Then you get to know Clare, Hope, and Avery. The mixing in of different points of view each chapter really made the characters seem real. The only downside was sometimes I had to really think about who was talking. I can't wait to start the next book and see if Clare and Beckett get the happy ever after with her three sons. Lizzy the Ghost is a great character. she has major personality and really saves the day. I found myself laughing out loud at Clare's sons actions, especially with the two chocolate lab puppies. adorable does not even begin to describe the relationship.
review 2: I am always seeing Nora Roberts books on
... moreshelves and late one night I was looking for a book and this one was available on Kindle from my library right away so I went for it. It was a cute book. It gave me something to read for a few nights before I fell asleep and there were parts I found pretty romantic but not very realistic. I don't think I'd search out a Roberts book again, but if I wanted something really light to read and it was there for the taking I might read another one. I have a feeling they are pretty formulaic and I can probably expect the same thing from each book. less
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If it wasn't on the list, I wouldn't have read it. Or the other two in the trilogy.
çok beğendim gayet akıcı bir dil kullanılmış her zaman olduğu gibi :)
3 1/2. Light summer read
okay. not my fave
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