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NOT A BOOK: For The Summer (2000)

by NOT A BOOK(Favorite Author)
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review 1: Plagiarism is a disgusting cheat. It posits that the readers are too stupid or ignorant to recognize a complete fraud. I don't know why some cheaters think they an get away with it in the age of technology or, even better, trying to fool members of a fandom so keenly invested in its authors and community. FOR THE SUMMER is a disgusting example of plagiarism. We're also uncovering more evidence that this "author" has "borrowed" from even more authentic creators in the Twilight fandom. It's always sad when these crimes are uncovered but people like this so called author should be publicly denounced for cheating. You shouldn't be able to shortcut your way to success and if found out you should be scorned and vilified for your presumption.
review 2: I have been fol
... morelowing the work of Mary for a long time now. What you did is horrible, how can you call yourself an author when you are NOT writing your OWN stories. It appears it is not the first time you stole someone else's work. Shame on you. And to all her readers please return the book. Ask for a refund. I'm sorry she played you but there is enough proof for you to realize she stole Mary and Sarah's story. Do the right thing and return the book. less
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Plagiarism! Shame on you! Author copied from very well known twilight fanfiction titled "Dusty".
Read like someone plagiarized another Twilight fan fiction. Check the other reviews for more info.
Plagiarism. What was this author thinking (other than being selfish and dishonest)?
Plagiarized one of my favorite fics- Dusty by YellowBella!
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