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College Girl (2008)

by Patricia Weitz(Favorite Author)
2.93 of 5 Votes: 2
1594488533 (ISBN13: 9781594488535)
Riverhead Hardcover
review 1: This book depressed and made me angry for 85% off it. I am close enough to my time in college that I do remember the uncertainty and pain of college years, but the main character, Natalie, reminded me of someone in high school, not college. Yes, I admit that part of my issue with the book is that I related too much to Natalie's ability to see only the good in Patrick and the bad in herself despite the fact that they never really talked, and he was a dick. She follows him around like a lost puppy and completely loses herself in dreams about him. I understand it, to a point, but I think it went too far.Honestly, I had to skim ahead to make sure that she would break things off with him at some point or I would not have been able to finish.
review 2: This book
... moreis an interesting look at a young woman learning about sex and relationships, and how they work together (or don't), for the first time in college. She is a young woman who came to scholarly discipline later in high school, and almost derails her college career by allowing distractions and her own depressive predilictions to pull her back into bad habits. I think some readers might have trouble understanding why the character makes such bad choices so quickly, especially in regards to her school work. I think, or at least hope, that Weitz is picturing our protagonist as someone who suffers from a tendency toward clinical depression that can affect her decision-making beyond the confines of the facts of a given situation. I'm sure we have all know someone like that, and in that context, the character makes sense. I think the most unrealistic thing in the book is that the character is portrayed as attractive, someone who gets attention from boys and always has, but who has always been uncomfortable about it. It would have made more sense if she was unused to getting attention and had only come into her own in college and now had to adjust to unfamiliar treatment. But it was hard to believe that someone would spend years assiduously avoiding interactions with every young man who made a pass, only to give it up suddenly to this Patrick fellow. The main issue with the book is that I am still not sure if I liked our main character or not. I still feel very neutral about her. Still, she learns lessons that everyone needs to learn about dating and relationships, and her journey to those lessons is not without interest or appeal. less
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Quick read and interesting enough. Brought me back to the college days in a way....
this was a really quick read, but the main character's awkwardness was unbearable.
Not comfortble with the way this book dealt with relationships,
This book should be a YA book.I probably won't finish this.
Almost as depressing and dark as All Loves Excelling.
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