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The Lives Our Mothers Leave Us: Prominent Women Discuss The Complex, Humorous, And Ultimately Loving Relationships They Have With Their Mothers (2009)

by Patti Davis(Favorite Author)
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1401921620 (ISBN13: 9781401921620)
Hay House
review 1: A collection of interviews by Patti Davis (daughter of Ronald Reagan) with many notable women (older than 40 years old- she picked older women so that they would have more perspective on their relationships with their mothers having lost them or becoming mothers themselves). While many of the narratives were funny or touching, I was disappointed that they were not written by the women who were interviewed, it would have been engaging to read the stories in the women's own voices. Also a bit annoying was the author constantly inserting herself into the stories ("yes, I often had the same issue with my own mother...") and her tendency to try to wrap everything up into some type of lesson. Sometimes things just happen, and there really is no "everything happens for a reason... more" ending.
review 2: I thought the essays in this book would be written by the women featured. Instead they are interviews written by Patti Davis. So that was a bit of a disappointment, though not a strong one. I love how the women, even those who had really difficult relationships with their mothers, are able to find the pieces of themselves that reflect their mothers. They are able to find the positives and, as adults, have made peace with the choices their mothers made and the influence they had. I think I will be thinking about this book and the stories in it for a long time. less
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A great book about famous daughters and their mothers. Marg’s story was beautiful.
I have been reading one of these short stories every day. It is a very good read.
Maybe just not in the mood for this syrupy stuff.
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