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Till Human Voices Wake Us (2013)

by Patti Davis(Favorite Author)
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Patti Davis
review 1: The loss of a child, the end of a marriage, the beginning of new love , the loss of a parent. The dissection of two lives as they are creating a new one. How wealth and privilege given without love can leave a hole in someone that nothing can fill even though they move on to create a life for themselves. How despite an alcoholic and often absent father a child with the unconditional love of her mother can survive other losses as she grows. A tale of normality and rejection, of loss and of comfort. Characters who entwined themselves in your heart and consciousness
review 2: the story wasn't badly written, but the main character, especially her reaction to her young son's death, is flat and unbelievable. she is intended to be a sympathetic character, but instead
... moreshe comes of as self-centered, vapid, and one dimensional. honestly, having known real loss moms, the character's actions don't ring true...so much so that in real life, they'd probably be cause for investigation. real grief is all-consuming; while the author's narrative claimed that the character feels sadness, it isn't demonstrated by the character's actions. she spends so much real estate feeling smug about her relationship with her sister in law, her son comes across as an afterthought. the first time in a long time I've considered putting a book down without finishing it. don't waste your time. less
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Very interesting book about loss and love. It arrived in my life just when I needed it.
I'll give it a 3.5. I liked parts of it and others were a bit much.
Brilliant! Patti is a wordsmith, I can't praise this book enough.
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