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Zombie Spaceship Wasteland (2011)

by Patton Oswalt(Favorite Author)
3.55 of 5 Votes: 1
1439149089 (ISBN13: 9781439149089)
review 1: If you like Oswalt's stand up, you should like that book. There are some really funny sections -particularly when he recalls his past. There are also some misses in there, but overall, I really enjoyed this. It's not Sedaris-level... but I think the guy has a good shot at making this a third career. I listened to the audiobook, and I have to say, one of the nicest touches was that each track was only 3 minutes long -- making for easy breaks. 4 stars
review 2: WARNING! NERDS ONLY!I liked 35% of this book. Patton Oswalt can really tell a story and like any great comedian, he is skilled at describing the unsavory aspects of human nature. That's why my favorite stories were those about his weird coworker at the movie theater and the douchey cokehead at the co
... moremedy club. However, the rest of the book was a little too nerdy for my taste, in much the same way the TV shows Arrested Development and Community are. I fully expected to like all those things, but too much of the humor is stuff only geeks can enjoy: extremely referential to other forms of media and too many jokes that seem geared to guys only. less
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Inane, self-interested, underdeveloped scraps masquerading as a book.
Listened to the audiobook version, read by the author.
Love love love love him. Brainy and smart. A fun book.
Pretty funny though some parts didn't interest me.
I love this guy, but boy was this not great.
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