Ties That Bind…

Everyone has things in their lives that hold them back.

Some of these things we can control. Others we can’t.

Some we just need a bit of help with….

Those are usually the unseen ties. The strongest ties. The ties that are hardest to break.

These ties can be the greatest undoing of achieving what we want, crave, desire in our lives. We hear things all our lives about ourselves. Both good and bad, but it’s usually the hurtful and mean that stick with us. They fester and they grow into ties that can be impossible to break for some.


The Ties That Bind

I grew up with the saying, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me!”. I find this to be one of the most incorrect of adages. Broken bones will heal. Words leave an internal scar and pain that can last some a lifetime.

With all the stress in the world, all the violence, all the hate and hurt it can be even harder to break those ties.

So if words can leave a lasting impression, one that can stay with you forever, then why not start using words that will leave a positive impact on someone’s life. Why not skip the meanness and the hurtfulness? Why not reinforce the good that we see in people? Why not share a compliment instead of an insult? Why not be nice to one another?

Sounds corny doesn’t it? Well, maybe a little bit of corniness is what the world needs now instead of so much hate!!

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