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Jaws Of Death (2000)

by Paul Adam(Favorite Author)
3.22 of 5 Votes: 2
Max Cassidy
review 1: Still packed with great prose, interesting characters, and practically non-stop action like the first book- Escape from Shadow Island- this book is more predictable and a bit repetitive. Nonetheless, I think the reader will enjoy the experience as much as I did. While Max pursues the evidence that disproves his father's death, the forces behind the conspiracy close in on Max. Max's escape techniques come in handy when he is arrested for terrorism and incarcerated in a top-secret British prison. He alludes recapture as he travels to Indonesia after learning that his father flew there just a week before. Max must find the connection between the Cedar Alliance, the orangutan preserve near Pangkalan Bun, and Julius Clarks' palm oil plantations that are quickly destroying ... morethe Indonesian rain forest.
review 2: Max's father is presumed to be dead and his mother is in jail for presumably killing him. Max though, knows that his father is alive because of a letter he got from him and he knows that his mother should never have been put in prison. Now, it is up to his temporary guardian, Consuela and an old friend, Chris who turns up in their basement one fine day to find out more about Max's father and to prove his mother's innocence with law-breaking tycoons like Julius Clark and Rupert Penhall monitoring their every move and policemen who are after them just because they get money to catch them. This book was OK with some action, almost zero mystery, slight suspense and an OK story line. It's quite similar to the Alex Rider series which I feel are better. less
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very good book it was just as good as the first one I cant wait for the next one
Definitely for you if you liked the Alex Rider series.
Even better than the first!
Awesome book
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