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Escape From Shadow Island - Max Cassidy 1 (2011)

by Paul Adam(Favorite Author)
3.93 of 5 Votes: 1
055256303X (ISBN13: 9780552563031)
Corgi Childrens
Max Cassidy
review 1: This book came from the local library. I read the first chapter standing by the shelf - literally couldn't put it down! So of course,it had to come home with me. I like the way we are let in on some of the secrets of escapology. The main character was well drawn and some of the realities of life in show business neatly pointed out.In my local library this was in the children's section. I think it would be better housed in the teens department, as there is some violence and graphic description, which might upset a younger child.A compelling adventure for adult readers, too, in my opinion. One word of warning: the ending doesn't tie things up neatly. The author has cleverly made it imperative to read the next book. Oh, and seriously, don't try the stunts in this book... more at home!
review 2: This is the first in a series about a boy who is a self-trained magician. In this story he goes about finding closure over the death of his father in the recent past. The protagonist doesn't quite believe that his father is really dead so he emabarks on a mission to discover the truth, i.e either confirm that his father is dead or find the truth about his dissapearance. While I like the story overall, I found the prose style a bit awkward at times and some of the key plot points seem too contrived. There is a sequel planned but I have not heard if it is available yet. less
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A quick, exciting read. It reminded me of the Artemis Fowl books, without the magical creatures.
The best book ever! I couldn't wait until Jaws of Death! Must read!
it was pretty good overall and had a great ending.
it was a really good thriller
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