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No Sleep Till Wonderland (2010)

by Paul Tremblay(Favorite Author)
3.54 of 5 Votes: 1
0805088504 (ISBN13: 9780805088502)
St. Martin's Griffin
Mark Genevich
review 1: While I enjoyed the first book by Tremblay featuring narcoleptic PI Mark Genevich, I couldn't make it through this one. The references to popular culture are so thick that I could barely make it through. I persevered about halfway through but it didn't get any better so I finally gave it up since I have lots of good books in my TBR pile. I was disappointed in this one, but it led me to wonder what, exactly, an author can do if they create a main character who has no hope.
review 2: I have a soft spot for broken personalities and a narcoleptic PI is robably as broken as you can get without overdoing it. Tremblay does a great job of portraying believable characters and that is a hell of a job if you work within a genre that it as ripe with clichè as the noir cri
... moreme novel. The plot is good and keeps you guessing but the real appeal of the book comes from the witty dialogue of the PI with the other characters and most of all with himself. He is struggling constantly with social phobia, falling asleep, being broke and trying to decide what is real and what is merely a hallucination. Mark Genevich is not a tough guy, he is not a ladies man, he is no hero. You never want to be like him but you really want him to stay awake and get through all the trouble without getting more messed up than he already is. I think that I will remember Genevich as the one PI I was really worried about and that is quote a compliment given the crowds of PIs that are lurking at any given bookstore. "With little Sleep" and this follow up Tremblay established himself firmly as one of my favorite modern crime writers. less
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Really good. Like a narcoleptic Memento. You get the feeling you are sharing his symptoms.
No sophomore slump here. Better than the first one. I love his writing style.
Interesting detective story, not usually my thing but I liked it.
Crappy book. Don't waste your time.
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