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Diary Of An Exercise Addict (2008)

by Peach Friedman(Favorite Author)
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0762748966 (ISBN13: 9780762748969)
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review 1: It was refreshing to see a book that spoke of an atypical eating disorder rather then the stereotypical purging through vomiting.She points out the health concerns that are common with exercise bulimia.IMO she is truthful about the courage it takes to get the help and that its not an easy fix.I did get a little bored around the end with the redundancy of recovery/relapse but that could have been because of where my head was at the time.
review 2: Peach Friedman was in her early 20s when she developed an unhealthy relationship with her body. She was at a turning point in her life (just out of college, dealing with her parents’ problematic marriage, looking for direction in career and love) and wasn’t really sure where she was going. She started running an
... mored exercising to deal with some of the stress and was pleased when her body started changing in response – she’d never been so fit or felt so great. She took things too far, however, dieting down to an unhealthy thinness (her mother, too, had battled anorexia in her youth) and becoming obsessed with counting calories burned by her intense workouts (she subjected her body to strenuous exercise several times a day). She sought treatment after friends and family encouraged her to talk to someone – Peach, too, began to fear that her obsessions were unhealthy – and her nutritionist, Anne, and therapists helped her work through her problems and fears. It took Peach several years to fully recover from her exercise addiction, and, as a personal trainer, she still has to be conscious of her predisposition to push herself to extremes. Having abused her body with excessive exercise for many years, Peach has several overuse injuries that she has to pamper (sore knees, strained shoulder) – another pitfall of exercise addiction. Peach’s diary is so much more uplifting than much of the literature about eating disorders. She speaks from a place of peace and strength about her illness and her recovery, and she’s realistic about how hard it is to overcome any eating disorder. Although she does regress from time to time through her recovery, she makes real progress toward health and happiness (which is often not the case for others who are in her situation). This short and engaging memoir will introduce readers to a lesser known eating disorder, that is likely more widespread than people realize. less
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It was alright. I really don't know what more to say.
I couldn't even finish this book, it was so bad.
so good
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