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Ravages (2011)

by R.A. Padmos(Favorite Author)
3.92 of 5 Votes: 4
Manifold Press
review 1: I should just repeat what Sue said in her review. She summed this book up perfectly, including the skimming that ended up sucking me in. It was just so overwritten. But I also found myself mired in so much emotion, I couldn't put the book down. So much pain, hatred, and love. How could I not want to see these brave men recover and get their much deserved HEA? This book would have been brilliant with an editor who was willing to hack out a good third.
review 2: This book has me split down the middle almost. The beginning of this book had so much intensity because Steve was able to convey his feelings at both a primal and soulful level. The beating and then the ensuing fight against death kept me completely intrigued with Steve's struggles, including seein
... moreg Dan as this amazing defender. The use of Steve's senses to understand the love he has for Dan just made the love so much stronger for me and it was a great introduction to Dan. I was really enjoying all of this and was so happy to see the love pouring out of both Dan and Steve, however the pacing on the second half of the book slowed and we had so many rose colored glasses moments between the two that the story lost some of the emotional depth...always got love, but lost some of the range of emotions that had to have been felt with that kind of struggle to regain your life. The epilogue was well done and left me content with the end of their story. Still a great read! less
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Story was great but the writing was very difficult to get through.
Too long at time and there was more "telling" than "showing".
Review to follow.....
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