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Before I Say Good-Bye (2000)

by Rachel Ann Nunes(Favorite Author)
3.89 of 5 Votes: 4
Deseret Book Company
review 1: Rikki made some choices that changed her life in good and bad ways. She cares deeply for her children and their welfare. She turns to her old childhood friend, hoping that she'll get help from him.I enjoyed this story, and the familiarity of the service provided through an LDS ward family. It also affected me with the mention of foster care (or who could care for the children), because we're trying to adopt through the foster care system. The story was most meaningful and touching at the end, though. I thought it would come earlier and was surprised when it didn't hit me till the end.
review 2: I had a hard time with this book. Right away from the beginning I was able to guess what was going to happen, and the book continued to foreshadow the entire way.
... more I felt like it was dragging on, and I just kept waiting to get to the main point, which happened in the last few chapters. Truly the best part of the book was the ending. It was easy to put down, I couldn't read more than a few chapters at a time before it would start to lose my attention. less
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The first book I read of Rachel Ann Nunes. I plan reading more of her books.
Such a good book!!
Good but sad.
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