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Little Fish: A Memoir From A Different Kind Of Year (2013)

by Ramsey Beyer(Favorite Author)
3.51 of 5 Votes: 4
1936976188 (ISBN13: 9781936976188)
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review 1: Beyer grew up in Paw Paw, Michigan, I read, and grew up in Grand Rapids. Growing up memoir of semi-rural Michigan! What's not to like? The focus of the book is moving out of Paw Paw and a close knot family support system to go away to school, for her BFA, in Pittsburgh. It's really for others leaving home. None of it is surprising or edgy, but it is about the Big Deal of Moving Out, which at a certain age IS a big deal for everyone involved. I thought it was nice.
review 2: This book was very hard for me to read. I enjoyed looking at the pages, but it was hard to focus on the words that were on the pages. The lists throughout the pages were part of the story, but did not really get into the story. Writing style of this book was slightly confusing to me due to t
... morehe fact that it was not written in the way I was used to. I might recommend this book for a younger person who might enjoy a less organized story, but I would not recommend this book to a reader who likes an organized story. less
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I am a sucker for going off to college stuff, but this is just okay. Nothing totally thrilling.
A graphic novel take on the first year of college.
Freshmen year, sounds about right.
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