“The Camp David Battle Plan”

Let’s tell the truth right now. Trump has nearly every member of his circle of sinners at Camp David this weekend. The press was told that this was an event when the upcoming year’s legislative agenda would be discussed. I call ‘bull***t. This is nothing more than a strategy session to plan an end to the Russia investigation. In my mind, no more investigation is needed; Trump and his family are guilty as hell.

The most important indicator is the fact that Attorney General Jeff Sessions was the only cabinet member not invited. The word is that Sessions will be replaced with a man who has not recused himself from taking action and possibly firing Robert Mueller. In the past week Trump has been furious and his temper tantrums have become frequent. The New York Times article verifying much of the ‘Golden Showers Dossier,’ along with Michael Wolff’s ‘tell all’ book have exposed your illegitimate president for the unfit and immoral man that he is.

Trump’s circle of sinners will be ordered to meet with members of the Republican controlled congress in a desperate effort to save Trump’s failed presidency. Not once in history has a first year president accomplished so little. Only a single significant bill was passed, although both branches of government are in the control of Republicans.

The tax bill is nothing but a gift to wealthy Americans and larger corporations. It will greatly harm most Americans; remove healthcare from 13 million Americans; reduce funding for Medicaid; and increase the national debt by $1.5 trillion.

My prediction is that this strategy for an all out war against the truth will fail. Trump and his circle of sinners have proven themselves not to be the ‘sharpest tools in the shed.’ In addition, the firing of Sessions will anger some senators who are friends of the white supremacist. If they do attempt to end the investigation by firing Mueller, all hell will break loose in Washington, and a repeat of the end of Nixon’s presidency could be next. Please god!!!

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Op-ed by James Turnage

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