A Sunny Corner

Yesterday’s fungus was fun, but I had been hoping for a slightly more spectacular post-Christmas return to the Common. So, armed with my usual optimism in the face of improbable odds, I decided to take a brief sunrise detour on my way to work this morning. This was a somewhat pointless exercise, unless you like clouds, but had I not gone along to see the action, it would have been beautiful.

If you would like to see some sunrises on the Ornamental Pond, please click on this link The Ornamental Pond: Sunrises

I called by again on my way home from work, and found myself drawn to the corner of the Ornamental Pond where the sun’s reflection on the reeds produces a beautiful golden hue as a backdrop for photos. By a happy coincidence, this is also the warmest corner of the Ornamental Pond, so I remained there for some time, taking photos of the moorhens, coots, ducks and swans.

To see more swan photos, please click on this link:

SwansThe juvenile moorhens are growing up, with their beaks just beginning their transition to the adult red. And judging by the behaviour of the ducks, we can look forward to a good number of ducklings this year!

To see more photos of the Ornamental Pond, please click on this link: The Ornamental Pond

Just to prove to myself and to anyone who had been observing me closely that I had not lost the ability to move I walked a few paces to my right, and then a few to my left, to admire the reflections. The ones that particularly struck me were those on the little dog washing pool at the north end of the Ornamental Pond. Usually, this area is busy with dogs, but for some reason (possibly because everyone had been warned about the strange old woman sunning herself at the corner of the pond) there were no dogs around, and the pond was still, and beautiful.

Having wandered a little, I remembered that I had an errand to complete on the way home so I sped off on my trusty bicycle stopping only to grab a picture of the Cemetery Lake. I have been meaning to take one at this angle for about two years, but always get involved in something else and forget to do so. Having accomplished this vague long-term mission, I was not at all dissatisfied as I left the Common for the weekend, despite the unpropitious start to the day.

To see more photos of the Cemetery Lake, please click on this link: The Cemetery Lake





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