Alt-Headlines — 10/22/17

Jim Hoft’s Gateway Pundit calls Richard Spencer a “deep state plant,” American Renaissance explains the differences between hospital patients by race, another alt-right Kickstarter campaign gets shut down, and more.

  • The alt-lite website Gateway Pundit has “confirmed” Richard Spencer is a “deep state plant.”
  • Styx Einzig wants to expel college students who disrupt alt-right speeches with their “autistic baboon-like screeching.”
  • At American Renaissance, Jason Summers, a registered nurse, explains the “differences” between white, black, and Hispanic patients and links those differences to our evolution: “Whites evolved in harsh climates that required long-term planning. Blacks evolved in warmer climates that made them more present oriented.”
  • Vincent Law complains that a Kickstarter campaign to translate the works of Julius Evola has been shut down.
  • Rape truther Michelle Malkin decries #MeToo as “collectivist virtue signaling of a very perilous sort” while vastly overstating the percentage of false rape accusations.
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