Believe in Me by Laura Moore

Oldest Radcliffe sister, Jordan’s life is still in flux. For the last year, while forging adult relationships with her sisters, Jordan’s been re-acquainted with living at the family farm, Rosewood, mothering 3 children under 5years old and healing from a painful divorce. Now she’s itching to do something on her own, something for herself so Jordan’s putting her interior design degree to work by starting a business.

Too bad her first professional foray was over a horribly mean meal with a bitter adult mean girl intent on betraying Jordan from the outset as she also invited noted and new to the area architect Owen Gage, who annoyed her just by breathing. Not only is Owen attracted to Jordan, he believes in her talent and hires her to decorate the estate he bought next door.

Owen’s pedophobia against Jordan’s determination to avoid romantic entanglements was a good and rarely used trope to put them in awkward situations as the relationship unfolds. Jordan uncovers the undercurrents from the lunch and gets a taste of sweet revenge when the mean woman’s boiling pot of trouble overflows on her own feet.

While this outing had the same things going for it as its predecessor, soft romance, comfortable family and sweet heartfelt moments, this reader resisted mainly because of Jordan. The efforts to make her fit in felt forced and suspect, she needed a cape and tights to be more unbelievable. However the conflicts and romance were believable. Also, thankfully the secret of the journal came to a head

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