Breathing in the joy

Those of you who’ve followed along here know that I’ve been open with my life, with the joys and struggles that make up my authentic story. Early last year, my world, the life I imagined, came crashing down and I raised my armor in defense. I shut down. I swore that I was done living my life as an open book, done with vulnerability, done with deep relationships.

Then I met K.

She didn’t try to fix or rescue me.

She didn’t ask me to be anything but the broken mess I was.

She gave me space and time to figure my own shit out.

She was patient and understanding so I could work to rebuild myself.

She chose what was healthy for her, and never once asked that I do anything but what was healthy for me.

She encouraged a peace, stillness, and mindfulness in my life that I didn’t even know I needed until I felt it surround me.

She held my fragile heart gently in her hands, until it was ready to open again.

As I start 2018, I am standing on my feet again, breathing in the joy that surrounds me. I’m overjoyed to have her standing by me, each of us our own person, taking each day as it comes, inspiring the better and best in each other.

I am no longer living my life under the omniscient gaze of social media. When I am moved to share those glimpses that have greater meaning, I will. When K intersects those moments, she will appear in my story, but we will remain present and private in the daily details of our life together.

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