Now just about every child loves to play in the sand and water. Lucky for us here on the South Coast, we are not short of these two things. Going to the beach is the perfect entertainment for your child on a bright sun-shiny day.

Now I take my beach selection very seriously. Beach selection is particularly important when I have to pack 2000 things to ensure the little critter is entertained, kept safe from the sun and comfortable. I want this time at the beach to be as enjoyable as possible. As such reading the weather forecast before I go to the beach is vitally important to me. Firstly I like to check how hot or cold it may be, and whether it is going to rain. Next, I like to look at the tide chart, as this can definitely impact swimming conditions. And finally, wind direction! Ok call me a beach nerd but picking the wrong beach on a windy day is just not fun.

And what to pack? I hear you say. Well here is a list of some important items that I always take to the beach:

  • Sunscreen (I am a redhead, hence the high priority)
  • Beach umbrella/sunshade (again, red hair)
  • Towels
  • Buckets and spades
  • Drinking water
  • Snacks

Here are five of my favourite kid friendly spots near Batemans Bay, Broulee and Moruya. I chose beaches with little to no waves, as they seem to provide more safety for the little kiddos.


Corrigans Beach is a great spot if you would also like to be close to shops, cafes and Eurobodalla’s largest playground. There are also BBQs and undercover picnic tables close by. To access the beach, turn off Beach Road towards Corrigans Reserve at Batehaven. You can park nice and close to the beach.

The beach faces North-East, and has a lovely outlook of Snapper Island and across the bay. This beach is always flat – the picture above was taken on a day with big swell. I have also seen some jet-ski hire businesses located on the beach if that is your thing, although probably wouldn’t suggest flying around with a toddler on the back. The only problem with this beach is it can get a little weedy at times and the water is not always as clear as some of the other beaches. But definitely a good choice for kids if you want to be close to the action of Batemans Bay/Batehaven.


Caseys Beach is a pretty stunning beach to drive past. The road literally adjoins the beach and on a very high tide the water is pretty much lapping at the side of the road. And it just has the most amazing view!

This beach is really easy to access off Beach Road in Sunshine Bay. Just pull into the carpark at the northern end. Here you will also find picnic tables, BBQ facilities and a swing set. The beach faces east, and on a high tide there is not much room to set up on the beach. Also on a day with lots of swell, there can be some shore breakers. So you may just have to check that weather report before opting to take the kiddos to this beach. But under the right conditions, it can be a nice little spot for the kids to frolic in the shallows, followed by a picnic with a view.


Definitely up there as one of my faves. This creek is located at the bridge between Broulee and Mossy Point, at the Northern end of North Broulee Beach. With the right conditions, this little spot is a paradise for kids. I like to go on high tide so it is nicer for swimming, but you may like to go in between tides so there are more little puddles and islands for your kids to explore. Bit of a warning sometimes it can get a bit stinky on the low tide, so you may want to avoid that. I’m sure the kids will still have fun though.

Another great thing about this spot is you can choose to sit on either side of the creek, perhaps depending on the wind. The Mossy Point side has a bit more shade and some grassed areas if that is your thing, whilst the Broulee side provides easier access to North Broulee beach if you want to pop over for some wave jumping. This place gets BUSY in the peak holiday periods, so be prepared to sit close to fellow beach goers during these times. And be careful as the water can start to move quickly when tides are going in and out. But all in all, a great way to entertain the kids on warm day.


Shark Bay is another beach at Broulee which is a lovely little spot for kids. Don’t let the name scare you, I do not know of any shark attacks at this beach. Although it may be a nesting area. It is a bit hidden, most easily accessed by the pathway at the end of Harbour Drive. It is a bit of a walk down the sand path to the beach, which may be a turn-off if you have 2000 things to carry in addition to a heavy toddler who refuses to walk… But it is worth the effort if you decide to walk down. You can also access the beach from the southern end of North Broulee Beach or by walking around the rocks from South Broulee Beach.

The beach faces South-East, so a nice spot when the wind is blowing North-West. I believe it is always flat, well at least I have not been there when there are waves. If you have older children, it is a great spot to do some snorkelling. If you have a boat, this is also a good spot to park the boat for the day while the kiddies have a play. Another little south coast sanctuary perfect for the whole family.


Another perfect spot for the kiddos is Shelley Beach. You can access this beach by turning off Shelley Beach Road, Moruya Heads. This beach faces North, so is a great choice when the Southerly is up. It is located near the entrance Moruya River and has a nice view across to the break wall, mountains and Broulee Beach in the distance.

This beach can get a few little waves in there, but only small and usually a bit of fun for the kids. There are also BBQ and picnic facilities close by at the carpark, surrounded by trees. This spot would be a great spot to have a day out splashing in the waves, followed by a cooked lunch amongst the trees. Whether you are located in Moruya or further away, this spot is definitely worth a visit.

I hope I have given you some good options for an enjoyable day out at the beach with your kids. Feel free to comment and let us know your favourite beach to take the kids – South Coast or elsewhere