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What Color Is Monday? How Autism Changed One Family For The Better (2013)

by Carrie Cariello(Favorite Author)
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0984792732 (ISBN13: 9780984792733)
Riddle Brook Publishing
review 1: I received this book for free through Goodreads and I loved it. Hands down, that simple. Mrs. Cariello writes with such a positive tone, you can see how dedicated she is to raising her children (special needs or not)in an accepting, inclusive world. I enjoyed how she encourages her community and the world around her to respect and accept her family as a whole. Including the letters for each of her children was a good addition, it demonstrates that the family is a FAMILY and not just the family and JACK WITH AUTISM. You see how each family member interacts with Jack and how they each make each other better people and give each other a different understanding of the world. A good read. Definitely one to recommend.
review 2: Books about autism get my attention bec
... moreause I have a grandson diagnosed with autism. This non-fiction memoir is written by the mother of a boy (8 years old at the time of writing)who was diagnosed with autism when quite young. This son is the second of her five children. She tells the reader of her familiy's experiences as they grew in their ability to understand and accommodate to the special needs family member. Cariello has an entertaining writing style, depicting the humor and the poignancy in their life. This is a family whose financial means allow the mother to be at home. The parents are united in their support for their son, and all of their children. They live in a town whose school district provides excellent support for their students with special needs. I happen to live in a neighboring town, and recognized many places and events described in this book, making it feel more personal for me. This was an informative, interesting, and easy to understand read. less
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No book has captured our reality more than this one. Jack is her gift as Logan has been ours.
#53 A touching story of the benefits of embracing the unique minds of children with autism.
Loved this book! Gives great insight to the Autism Spectrum.
interesting but a tad repetative.
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