Guilliman’s Angels…part 3

Things have been a little slow lately but the brushes are back out & in action.

If you hadn’t guessed from the title of this post I’ve been continuing work on my Supreme Command Detachment of Ultramarines…

As you can see I’ve made some progress in the detailing work of the two Captains and have whipped together a Terminator Librarian to round out the HQ requirement of this detachment.

The Librarian is again another kitbash. This time the base of miniature was a Grey Knight Terminator on which I used green stuff to fill in some of the more daemon hunter orientated details. I then mixed in some standard marine components and some Forge World Ultramarine terminator pauldrons.

I have stuck with the bling scheme for this guy so he keeps the aesthetic of the detachment. I’m hoping to have these finished by the end of the week.

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