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Still in the spirit of Christmas I’m here this precious Thursday to recommend another awesome book.

This is the first book from Connelly that I have read and I am really hoping to read more. 

The story is about Detective Harry Bosch who is called to investigate the murder of a store owner which leads to a lot of findings. The plot twists and turns in this book is so amazing. Even towards the end of the book you’re still in awe because you don’t really expect some of the events that occurs.
Connelly has you thinking in one direction and then he just changes it and leaves you in awe. 

Nine Dragons is a 464 paged book that will leave you at the edge of your seat. It’s a combination of love, crime, mystery and thriller. 
As it is said this is not the first Harry Bosch novel, in fact it is the 14th so imagine I still have to find 13 of them to read.
Nine Dragons was published by Orion Books Ltd in 2010.

According to reviews, HBO has to make a TV series of Bosch at some point, that’s how much of a talent Connelly has. 

Anyways, Michael Connelly is a former police reporter for the Los Angeles Times and now an author who has 14 Harry Bosch books and several stand alone bestsellers like The Poet, The Brass Verdict and recently The Scarecrow. 

He is a former president of the Mystery Writers of America. His books have been translated into 31 languages and have won numerous awards. He lives with his family in Tampa, Florida.

Connelly sure reminds me of Mark Gimenez, John Grisham, David Baldacci to name a few and so I rate this book at 8/10.

I was lucky to have read a paperback, you can look around and you might be lucky too.

I’m in a serious dilemma, I am not sure if I’ll have an interview up for tomorrow ☹️ let’s see how it goes I guess…

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