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Hippopposites (2010)

by Janik Coat(Favorite Author)
3.98 of 5 Votes: 4
1419701517 (ISBN13: 9781419701511)
Harry N. Abrams
review 1: Summary: This book uses a red hippo to describe the differences between opposite phrases. The hippo starts by showing the difference between large and small and goes even further to describe opaque and transparent.Genre: Concept Picture BookCurriculum Connection: I would love to use this book to grab the students attention before discussing antonyms. We would read the book aloud and go through discussing how each word is the complete opposite of the other. Then, they could come up with their own antonyms at the end. My Opinion: I enjoyed reading this book, and this was one of the stories that I read to my Godson. He couldn't read all of the words that were used, but when I asked him want he thought the opposite word would be of a word that was read, he could figure it out.... more Therefore, I think this story could be used for the younger age groups. Visual Appeal: I really liked how the illustrator used a hippo to describe the opposites. My favorite pages were the soft and hard pages. Students will love to feel the texture difference between those words.
review 2: 1 sentence description Nice educational book introducing opposites to students. curriculum connection oppositespersonal reactionGreat tool to be used with younger children to discuss opposites. I could see this as being a good story to read and revisit, and also can be used to initiate discussion on a much broader topic of things that are opposite each other. assessment of visual appealThe art was fun to look at. There was a lot of texture in the pictures. Genre: Controlled vocabulary, concept. less
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Very clever board book for young children! Loved the design and creative illustrations!
ALA Notable Children's Books, 2013
A very clever opposites book.
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