P.A.R.C.H.E.D- A free verse on Love

How do I tell you how parched I am without you?

Should I start off with what I miss?
Well, if you insist…

How do I tell you…

How much I miss those breathtaking surprise tight hugs after a busy day
or those after a whole day of fighting over silly things..

How much my forehead misses those passionate slow kisses when I’m having a rough day,
Always assuring me that you are right there for me.

How much I miss those riveting kinky evenings with you that reminds me how childishly playful we are!


How do I tell you…

How much my lips miss those deep kisses that sends a spine chilling drizzle all over my body,
Which lingers on for days and makes me realize ONLY you can do this to me!

How much I miss the cold touch, the soft breath on my neck and the silly bite on my shoulders,
Which always comes with my quick ‘ahh’ and your quirky smile!


How do I tell you…

How much my bosoms miss being softly held between your clenched teeth,
That always makes me all the more responsive and expressive!

How much I miss the sight of you getting drunk from the nectar of the sweet flower,
And just reluctant to get over watching you quench your desire.


How do I tell you…

How much my legs miss being passionately intertwined just like the hissing snakes,
Which simply symbolizes the wisdom of the creator.

How much my feet misses the tingling sensation every time you come closer,
Just the way how you ‘swept me off my feet’ the first time our eyes met.


How do I tell you?
That I am parched!
Parched without you…

But do you see?

It’s not the body, but the soul which is parched.

And you are the ONLY oasis that can quench my thirst- The thirst of LOVE.

Coz I am parched, and this is LOVE baby!


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