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A Rescue For A Queen (2013)

by Fiona Buckley(Favorite Author)
3.52 of 5 Votes: 5
1780290403 (ISBN13: 9781780290409)
Creme de la Crime
Ursula Blanchard
review 1: Cecil uses the cover of a family wedding to force Ursula and the usual entourage to go to Spanish-occupied Brussels to interfere in the latest Ridolfi plot to get Catholic assistance and restore Mary Stuart to the throne. Buckley tacks trips to Rome and Madrid into 50 pages at the end, pausing only to illustrate SPANISH TYRANNY, which would have been the case in the mind of a Tudor supporter, but deserves more than the rushed ride by.
review 2: I've read other books in this series, of which this is number eleven. The premise is that the protagonist, Ursula Blanchard, is the illegitimate half sister of Queen Elizabeth I. In service to her sister Ursula routinely becomes embroiled in dangerous missions to foil the queen's many enemies. As historical fiction, the
... morese books are believable, with the huge exception that I don't think any woman could behave as Ursula does. But the story is fun anyway and the language clear and imaginative. less
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Really good, exciting right to the end, but I hope Ursula gets a happy ending at some point
Heroine just happens to be half-sister to Queen Elizabeth I?
Not the best of the series-it jumped around a little bit.
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