For my last weeks blog post I am going to be talking about what I did this past weekend, which happens to be what I also did on my first ever blog post! A little adventure to the rose garden.

It was Sunday morning, I was planning to hang out with Francesca but we weren’t exactly sure what to do. So we decided to head to Chloe’s house to hang out with her and Sophia.

When we got there it was around noon, lunch time, we were all hungry and decided to get some food. Francesca is obsessed with Tinker’s so suggested to go there for lunch, I had never been before but was excited to go. I wasn’t very hungry and was planning on getting no food at all, but I was told I HAD to get the curly fries because they were supposedly super good.

We got to Tinkers and all placed our order, and soon after got our food. Chloe got chicken tenders & fries, Sophia got fish tacos, Francesca got a vanilla shake & curly fries, and I just got curly fries. Their curly fries are huge we easily could’ve shared, but needless to say those fries were so good. Definitely recommend getting them. It was super delicious, we all ate and talked for a bit then decided what to do next.

They wanted to go to McConnell’s so we headed there next. Francesca and I were super full so we didn’t get anything, but Chloe got peppermint and Sophia got some weird raspberry kind of flavored ice cream.


It was a beautiful day, so we drove to the rose garden to have a mini ice cream picnic. The rose garden is always a perfect spot. We relaxed under the sun and hung out for a bit. I love the rose garden because it is beautiful, but sometimes I feel like I take its beauty for granted! So it was good to go there and admire it all. We also got to meet a super cute puppy!


After a while of taking pictures and hanging out, it got super hot. We headed back to Sophia’s car and she dropped me off downtown. I had to leave because I was getting my haircut, I cut off 6 inches!! I am not exactly sure how much I like it but sometimes it’s good for a change:).

Overall we didn’t do much this day, but it was still fun. I got to hangout with people I don’t normally hang out with, I am glad because I am trying to expand my close circle. It’s always good to hangout with new friends.

I cannot wait for my next adventure. Comment suggestions of places you love to go to that I should go visit!

Thanks, J


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