The Dish 7 – The Ending (Pages 321 – end)



Roger is in a coma for weeks, and Laura is there for him all the time. Thankfully, at the end of the week he finally manages to pull through. While he is in a coma, Laura comes to a decision, so she writes another review, explaining her rectifications about the food, apologising, but standing her ground about some of the things she criticises. At the end of the letter she gives away her identity and also states that this will be her last review.

This causes reactions from her colleagues, who think she is making a mistake, Sophie, and even Adam, who appears. His apologies come too late in my opinion, and what I don’t understand is why in the last part of the book Laura feels guilty and she never refers to the hard words that Adam hurled at her. He was very harsh and cruel, and he just mentions that he was a dick, but that is as far as he comes close to apologising, and Laura doesn’t refer to that moment at all. I really can’t understand her. Adam is a decent man, but the way he reacted to Laura’s review, insulting her and using such insults, might have made me more wary in Laura’s shoes. After all, she had only known him for a few weeks.

In the end, Laura decides to break up things with him, not because of his harsh attitude, but because she thinks that she can’t cope with his parenthood. At the time Roger, who is recovered, gives her a new job. Her first assignment is to find the best croissant in Paris and write an article about it, so she goes and spends a month with her father and sister. By this time she has made her peace, and she even talks to her father about her mother and how she felt when she died. It was a nice conversation.

When she returns to London, she still misses Adam terribly, but she comes back with a purpose. After talking to Jess, she plans to create her own company, supplying restaurants with good-quality coffee. Back in London, Sophie tells her to meet her in the café she usually goes to, but instead of Sophie, she finds Adam. They finally make up and they end up together.

Lovely book. I loved it. My only criticism is the point in which Adam is hard and insulting, and that is not acknowledged by neither him nor Laura. I would have felt too offended, but Laura didn’t seem to think it was important. Apart from this, I really loved the love story.

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